KFC is taking their famous “Finger lickin’ good” tagline quite literally!

The giant fast food chain company has launched two edible fried chicken-flavoured nail polishes – yep, you read that right – in KFC Hong Kong, and this is absolutely not a joke!

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Remember how we were always taught not to bite our fingernails? Well, apparently KFC is now trying to give us the reason to do the opposite with their new advertising campaign that they worked with the food experts at McCormick, the makers of KFC’s 11 secret herbs and spices mix, and the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, AdWeek reports.

The nail polish comes in two different colours – I mean flavours! – Original (glittery nude) and Hot & Spicy (sparkly orange).

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In their statement, the fast food chain said; “To use, consumers simply apply and dry like regular nail polish, and then lick—again and again and again.”

First of all, what’s the point of painting your nails if you’re just going to end up licking off your nail polish?

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Second of all, won’t your nails attract other food loving-creatures, like ants, or cats and dogs? What if they chew your hands while you sleep?

There’s just so much questions to ask of this bizarre-flavoured nail polishes, but according to Ogilvy’s creative director John Koay; “This campaign is designed to be intriguing and fun to increase excitement around the KFC brand in Hong Kong.”

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Anyway, the nail polish is a limited release available only to the chicken-loving people in Hong Kong (for now).

But, if you have a nail-biting habit and also happen to love KFC, then you should definitely get yourselves to Hong Kong and buy them!

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