Karena Ng admitted that she found reports about good friend Tianyo Ma’s public urination funny, as she explained the situation to the media.

According to Mingpao News, the actress smiled sheepishly as she disclosed that the singer has been bombarded with a lot of teasing messages about his recent error.

Last week, Tianyo Ma and Karena Ng made the news for all the wrong reasons – after the stylist-turned-singer was caught urinating at a dog park while the actress stood guard.
“He had been enduring it for a long time and there wasn’t a public toilet nearby. So he asked me to help cover him. I wasn’t embarrassed because I wasn’t looking at him,” she said.
When asked if she would do the same if boyfriend Raymond Lam was in Tianyo’s place, Karena responded, “He won’t do such a thing. He is a cautious person. Tianyo is more casual.”
As to whether her boyfriend was jealous of her friendship with the singer, Karena replied, “Tianyo and I are like sisters.”
(Photo source: hk.on.cc/hk)