“Life is lot like a cake. It’s what you make of it, with your own bare hands. I made a life for myself that’s colourful and fruitful and I would like to share my recipe with you,” said Jolin Tsai, in an advertisement released online recently.

The singer, who spoke to the audience on stage as a singer-turned-pâtissière in said video, also shared her own views about breakups, saying, “You’ll go through different stages like bitterness, loss of confidence, and desperation to understand why.”

“To become lovers or to become family is different, because if it’s just love between lovers, then it swings from love at first sight to even hatred upon separation. I think time can heal everything.”
“Now when I look at it, I find it is actually not that bad. The failure of relationship doesn’t mean that your life is a failure. You should be grateful to those experiences, because they will make you a stronger person,” said Jolin.
“So what if you’re not somebody’s princess? You could be your own queen or king. Nobody can tell you what to do with your life. It’s all up to you,” she added.
The pop diva also showcased her talent in cake-making and presented a large unicorn cake, which she revealed to be the biggest cake she has ever made.