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JJ Lin admitted that his new album, “From M.E. To Myself” is still banned in mainland China and that he doesn’t know what to do about it, SETN reported.

According to sources, the album has yet to hit the shelves in China due to the fact that some of the lyrics were written by Lin Xi, a famous lyricist who previously participated in the Occupy Central movement in Hong Kong.

Just like his colleagues Denise Ho and Chapman To, Lin’s work has also been boycotted by the Chinese public who are unhappy with the movement.
When asked about it recently, JJ said that he was unsure about the actual reason for the ban, but added that he is truly helpless about the issue.
However, the singer stated that he is currently in the process of making a new one, and that he has collected around seven to eight songs for the new album.
(Photo source: chinatimes.com)