Chinese singer Huang Zitao has recently denied allegations that he was lip-synching at his first solo concert in Nanjing recently.

As reported on Tencent Entertainment, on 3 May, the singer released a statement trough his music studio, and stressed that he takes music seriously and will never do such a thing.

Allegations of lip-synching sparked at the concert on 1 May, after concert-goers said that his recorded voice can be heard in the background as he sings and dances on stage.
However, according to his studio, the recording is a vocal accompaniment track, also known as a backing track, and is used by various singers for the purpose of helping the flow of the performance, since such a high-intensity concert will cause intonation flaws on the performer’s part.
“Many American singers have also used this support,” said his rep.
The singer also stressed that he respects his fans and would never lip-synch at his own concert.
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