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Do you still remember the days when flip phones were actually cool?

Oh yes, back in early 2000s, all the cool kids in school were not just flipping their hair, but also their phones, and Motorola Razr was THE hot phone everyone wanted!

But it looks like it won’t be just a nostalgic memory anymore as Motorola Mobility, the smartphone manufacturer now owned by Lenovo, has dropped a video ad featuring 90s school kids using the classic flip phones.

This seems to be a huge hint that The Razr could be making a comeback!

“Flip back to the Razr days of yesteryear and get ready for the future,” said the video description on YouTube.

We’re not quite sure what that means, but if Motorola is really reviving the world’s most popular flip phone, we might need to brush up our T9 texting skills once again!

Nothing is confirmed yet at this point but the company will be revealing a big announcement on 9 June 2016, possibly the launch of a new phone that revisits the ol’ flip-phone styles – we’ll see!

Apart from the Razr, here are other phones that we think should make a comeback!

1) Nokia 3310

(Photo source: phonearena.com)

Like seriously, this phone is the God of all phones from way back then. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve dropped it on the floor or in water, you can always use it again afterwards thanks to its durability!

2) Nokia N-Gage

Nokia NGage LL
(Photo source: wikimedia.org)

This hybrid of phones and game consoles was a huge rival to Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance, and it had also won itself several awards. Imagine if this phone is equipped with today’s technology (touchscreen, 3D), then it might stand a chance to fight with Nintendo DS!

3) Nokia 2100

nokia 2100 mobile phone repairing iffi tech
(Photo source: yeni.mobi)

Everybody used to be in love with this phone due to its small and light built, and it also comes in a wide range of colours!

4) Nokia 6100

(Photo source: vcmedia.vn)

One of the first phones to use polyphonic ringtones because before this, all the previous models used monophonic ringtones. Everyone basically went gaga over this phone as it can also connect to the internet through GPRS.

5) Nokia 7600

(Photo source: pocket-lint.com)

Also one of the lightest and smallest Nokia phones out there, but basically, we just want it back because of its cool-looking design.

P.S: We know that all the phones that we pick are of Nokia brand, but can you blame us? This phone brand seriously ruled back in the 90s and ‘00s – they’re basically indestructible!

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(Photo source: cdn.com)

(Main photo source: wikimedia.org)