Heavily pregnant with twins, actress Angelica Lee admitted that it has been difficult for her to make public appearances and attending events.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who appeared at a charity event recently, stated, “Carrying twins is especially hard. I have difficulty walking, it’s hard to breathe and speak at the same time, and I had to decline a lot of events because of it.”

However, she decided to attend the charity due to the nature of its event.
“I am hoping to teach my unborn child to help people who are in need when they grew up,” she said.
When asked the date of birth for her two boys, Angelica said that it’s hard to tell due to the nature of her pregnancy.
“I will keep on taking care of my physical and mental stability. I will continue to consult the doctor, and I can always contact my husband if anything. Don’t worry about me,” said the actress.
Angelica will be giving birth in her hometown in Malaysia, and will stay in the country after the babies’ birth. Director husband Oxide Pang will also travel to Malaysia after completing his project to focus on the babies’ arrival.
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