Angelababy became the subject of scorn recently after sharing her views about pet neutering.
As reported on HK Channel, the actress, who posted several photos with her cat’s new kittens, stated that she is quite hesitant about neutering her pets although lot of vets have advised owners to do so.

“I just feel that they’ll have a whole life without any purpose and we’re depriving their rights,” she said.

The actress admitted that although the call for neutering one’s pet is to prolong their lives, she felt like it would be a long meaningless life.
“Imagine a man who can live until 100 but loses certain rights and can only eat bland food. There is no meaning to his life,” she said.
However, Angelababy’s words only drew the ire of cat lovers, who reminded her that her Scottish Fold cat has genetic abnormality that affects its bone development, which may cause joint diseases as it ages.
Some even called the actress ‘foolish’ and ‘ignorant’, and slammed the actress for conveying false information to the public.
(Photo source: Angelababy’s Weibo)