Chinese model-actress Angelababy was recently appointed the ambassador for WildAid, becoming the youngest ambassador of the organisation to date.

As reported on CRI News, the actress, who made an appearance at the launch of the “Protecting Pangolins” campaign in China recently, stated that it is a worthy cause since a lot of people have started realising the importance of saving animals.

“A while ago, people had no idea consuming tusk products and shark fins would actually kill elephants and sharks. But by raising awareness over the years, people gradually stopped eating and buying those things,” she said.
The actress also admitted that she didn’t know much about pangolins before she joined the campaign, and that it helped her to understand the creature’s significance and risks.
“I learned basic facts about them. For example, their scales don’t have the miraculous healing powers that can cure all diseases, and eating its meat can also be a risk to our health,” she said.
The actress also expressed hope that her involvement in the organisation will help fans learn a lot more about the issue and help make a change.
According to WildAid.org, pangolins are considered to be the most heavily trafficked mammals on the planet, with Asian consumers using its meat and scales for medicinal purposes.
(Photo source: vntourism.cn)