Actor-producer Andy Lau is producing and acting in yet another action flick, this time for director Herman Yau’s “Shock Wave”.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor plays an undercover office of the explosive ordinance disposal bureau in the movie, who becomes the protégé of a criminal specialising in bombs in order to capture him.

“In the movie, I will go undercover and work with Jiang Wu’s character, who is a highly wanted criminal,” said the actor, who praised the mainland star as a good collaborator.
When asked if the explosions used in the scenes will be dangerous, Andy responded, “There are certain levels of danger to it. But danger is everywhere.”
The actor also admitted that he had already trained with some professionals from the bomb squad before playing the role.
And since he is also producing the movie, Andy admitted that he will always be on location to oversee the production with the director.
“Shock Wave” is the third collaboration between Andy and director Herman Yau, after “Don’t Fool Me” (1991) and “Fascination Amour” (1999).
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