charlotte mckinney

Sexy always sells! That’s right, the experts say that the best way to promote or sell a certain product is by getting a sexy woman to do it for you.

Just have them pose next to the product, or feature them together with it – and voila! It works every time!

Although some companies might’ve gone a bit overboard with their sexy commercials to the point that they got banned, others try their best to make sexy commercials that are still family-friendly enough to be viewed worldwide.

Check out these 10 sexiest commercials below!

Charlotte McKinney in Carl’s Jr All-Natural 

Wow, what plump and juicy b-b-burger! This commercial was meant to be aired during last year’s Superbowl, but because it was too sexy, it was banned from the big game. Nevertheless, the video managed to rake up 12 million views on YouTube, and later in the same year, Charlotte starred in yet another Carl’s Jr commercial, but this time, the video didn’t get banned as it was quite decent, which is why, it didn’t make it to this list!

Kate Upton’s SoBe Staring Contest 

As one of the sexiest women alive, Kate Upton would look still look sexy no matter what commercial she’s in. In this particular one, Kate participates in a staring contest to win SoBe drinks, which stands for South Beach Beverage Company. Of course, Kate is being unfair as she wears only a bikini and engages into a staring contest with a man, and as you may have guessed, the man’s eyes stray onto other parts of Kate’s body which is NOT her eyes.

Calvin Klein Concept 2013 

Also a Superbowl commercial, Calvin Klein model Matthew Terry immediately shot to fame after his Calvin Klein’s commercial aired on American TV screens. The handsome model was seen stretching in his Calvin Klein’s briefs, showing off his perfectly toned-up muscles and six pack. Also, the sexy stare that he gives at the end would make every girl in the world faint!

Miller Light beer Catfight 

Models Kitana Baker and Tanya Balinger rose to fame through the Miller Lite beer “catfight” TV commercials for the long-running “Great Taste…Less Filling” campaign. The commercial was then banned as critics claimed that it depicts women as sexual objects. The commercial shows the two models engaging in a sexy catfight over from a fountain to a mud pit, with the girls stripping each other of their clothing in the process. The commercial has a follow-up to it where the two ladies are joined by actress Pamela Anderson.

Kim Kardashian for Skechers 

Kim Kardashian had her first Superbowl ad with Skechers. The sexily misleading commercial featured the voluptuous socialite working out with her hot trainer where she said naughty lines like “You’re amazing. The best I’ve ever had”, but then leaves him for Sketchers Shape-Up shoes which enables her to tone up her leg without going to the gym.

Bud Light beer “Yoga” 

Budweiser light beer’s commercial features a room full of ladies in a yoga class where the clip starts from the back of the room where you get to see the ladies’ butts. At the very end of the studio, there are two guys pretending to do yoga when they are actually “enjoying” the whole class, until the yoga instructor discovers them.

Wacoal’s push-up bra

The beautiful Thai woman stares and smiles cutely and seductively at the camera, with wind blowing in her hair. Then her hand flirtatiously plays with her necklace and the camera keeps on focusing on her bra. She seems to be every man’s dream girl with her angelic look, well at least until she takes off her clothes, removes her makeup and also her push-up bra!

Peach John 2016 Spring collection 

Simple, sexy and elegant, the commercial features Belgian model Yumi Lambert catwalking along the street while a huge spring breeze blows her way, revealing the various colours of undergarments she wears beneath her clothes.

Denroku’s Choco Party chocolate 

The commercial is meant to sell Denroku’s Choco Party chocolate, but it features Japanese gravure idol Kaori Ohara who bounces around while doing something that seems like a “rock, paper, scissors” game. Seriously, what she is doing doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the chocolate, but maybe in Japan, viewers need to have some eye candy to go with the candy? (LOL)

Thai agriculture fertiliser

For a commercial that’s meant for a big bag of crap, this Thai ad is seriously funny and sexy on so many levels – which is not something unusual when it comes to Thailand! Also, it is very suggestive and full of sexual innuendos, so make sure to not let your kids watch it unless they’re over 18.