Celebrity couple Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng recently held the 100th day birthday banquet for their daughter Xing Xing – showing off their baby to the public for the first time.

As reported on Sina News, the event, which was held in grandeur, was also attended by various celebrities – making it one star-studded event worthy of envy.

Among those who attended were director Feng Xiaogang, actress Yao Chen, Ruby Lin, Christy Chung and Huang Yi, as well as singers Na Ying and Xie Nan.

When asked what gift he brought for the baby, Feng joked, “My presence here is present enough.”
The couple revealed the origin of their baby’s nickname Xing Xing (loosely translated as ‘Wake Up’), with Zhang explaining, “I have to breastfeed her every three to four hours daily. So each time she was asleep and I have to feed her, I will ask her to wake up. I just thought it was a particularly cute name.” 
Zhang, who seemed to have regained her pre-pregnancy figure, also shared tips on how to get back into shape, saying that she practiced yoga and pilates three to four hours daily.
Wang Feng was also full of praises for his lovely wife, saying that the birth of their baby has shown him how great a mother Zhang is.
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