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VIMA Model Awards has finally found its winner for The Face of the Year competition held in Round 2 of the modelling competition and she is none other than Pema Tshoki from Bhutan!


With 60 percent of the scores derived from the judges, 30 percent from public votes and 10 percent from social media participation and recognition, Tshoki gained the highest scores among the 28 competing contestants.

She previously snagged second place for another surprise Round 2 award, which is the People’s Choice Awards.

“Round 2 was a very exciting yet challenging round for the contestants. The scores for this round came from the judges, the public and also involved the contestants’ overall social media engagement,” said Rekha Menon, co-founder of VIMA Model Awards in a statement.

Co-founder of VIMA Model Awards, Rekha Menon.

“The social media engagement was a good way for the contestants to connect with the many people around them and also to exhibit their confidence,” she continued.

The 1st and 2nd runner-up for Round 2 are both from Malaysia, and they are Joanna Joseph and Sheila Khan, respectively.


The top 3 winners will each be receiving a crystal award and a certificate at the main award event which will be held in the third week of July.

Meanwhile, only 20 out of 28 contestants from Round 2 will move on to Round 3, called The Presenter, where the contestants will be evaluated based on their communication and presentation skills.

Here are the Top 10 contestants of The VIMA Face Off competition who will all be receiving certificates and moving on to Round 3 along with another 10 yet to be announced publicly.

1. Pema Tshoki (Bhutan)
2. Joanna Joseph (Malaysia)
3. Sheila Khan (Malaysia)
4. Mary (Philippines)
5. Raneem (Syria)
6. Mandana Bakhshy (Iran)
7. Samira Siadatan (Iran)
8. Joanna David Keys (Malaysia)
9. Shalini Maniam (Malaysia)
10. Sophie De Netto (Malaysia)

The third round of the VIMA Model Awards will take place at Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson on 23 and 24 April 2016.

Only 12 contestants from Round 3 will be picked for Round 4 of the VIMA Model Awards.

(Photo sources: VIMA Model Awards and Joanna Joseph’s Facebook pages)