Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue has recently denied reports that he and singer Pakho Chau have ended their conflict, saying that there was no conflict to begin with.

As reported on HK Channel, the rumoured rift was first reported back in 2013, when Shawn was still dating Hong Kong singer Kary Ng.

The actor reportedly was unhappy when it was reported that the singer only accepted him after being rejected by Pakho Chau. 
He was also reported to have had a disagreement with Pakho regarding their basketball team, HKCWI.
The two of them have not been seen together ever since, until recently, when Shawn and Pakho were spotted having a meal together, sparking rumours that they have reconciled.
When asked if the two of them have ended their rift, Shawn, who attended the filming commencement ceremony for his new movie, “The Brink”, stated that they were never in a conflict to begin with.
“There has never been any issue between us and nothing to be reconciled about. I find this rumour strange and ridiculous,” he said.
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