Her status may have changed now that her father’s civil engineering firm Luen Wong Group Holdings has gone public, but Priscilla Wong said that life remains the same for the Wong family, who used to live in poverty.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who returned to work on 12 April, stated that she hopes that the media and public would not stress on her family’s wealth rather than her work as an actress after recent reports about her father’s success.

“This is a family thing, and I don’t want to affect them. I do not want to make any comments about it,” she said.
When asked why she talked about it online if she didn’t want people to focus on it, Priscilla said, “I just wanted to share our family’s joy. I never thought that it would turn into such a huge topic.”
“I don’t want my family to feel uncomfortable. My father has been working in the field for so many years, and life will still be the same for us then and now,” she said.
When asked if her family’s new wealth will affect her relationship with Edwin Siu, Priscilla responded that their relationship remains the same.
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