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South Korean entertainment and media contents company, CJ E&M is rebranding its overseas channel, “Channel M” to “tvN Asia” this coming June.

The company will also be launching a new platform called, tvN Movies which specialises in South Korean feature films – around the final quarter of the year.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Korea’s leading pay-TV channel.

With a great line-up of variety shows and drama, tvN is expanding its footprint across Asia, offering their signature content like “Friends Over Flowers”, “Three Meals A Day”, “Masterchef Korea” and “I Can See Your Voice” on the same day and date with the Korean telecast, World Screen reports.

On selected territories, the channel will also offer a drama slot on weekdays and a movie block on weekends.

Aiming to be the top channel in the Asian region, the footprint covers ten Asian territories, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Australia.

“We are excited to rebrand channel M as tvN to cope with our expansion plan in Southeast Asia. We see many growth opportunities for Korean entertainment businesses in the region,” said Samey Lee, CEO of CJ E&M HK.

“We noticed the change of viewers’ demographics. K-wave has been widely spread from teenagers to other target groups such as university students, young executives and families. A growing demand of diverse K-contents is seen from Southeast Asia, and tvN is providing the answer.”