Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse has been busy for the past few years. Aside from managing his many businesses and his food travelogue programme, the actor has also been spending most of his free time with girlfriend Faye Wong.

At the same time, ex-wife Cecilia Cheung continues to play her role as a doting mother to their two children Lucas and Quintus. After moving back to Hong Kong after a year in Singapore, the two boys have been going to a prestigious school in Sha Tin.

However, according to ET Today, the younger of the two Tse boys reportedly has started to notice his father’s absence.
Sources close to Cecilia stated that Quintus now feels estranged to Nic, and refused to see his father who only came to visit a few times since they return to Hong Kong.
It was also reported that Quintus has refused to attend any family gathering held by grandmother Deborah, and had to be coaxed by his mother to go every single time. However, the actress has now decided to take only her eldest son Lucas to meet their grandmother.
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