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One would assume that a beautiful woman like Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling would have suitors all around. But according to Lin herself, she has only been in three relationships throughout her life.

According to Tencent Entertainment, her confession has even stunned show host, Mickey Huang, who asked, “You are now in your 40s and you have only dated three men?”

“It’s because I dated each men for seven to eight years. My youth was spent being in those long-term relationships,” she said with a laugh.
Lin’s most famous boyfriend was “Meteor Garden” actor Jerry Yan, whom she dated in the early noughties. She was also reported to have had an on-again-off-again relationship with Taiwanese businessman Qiu Shi-kai. 
When asked about the third one, Lin said that she also had a first love back when she was younger.
As for her rumoured relationship with 29-year-old actor Aarif Lee, Lin said that the two of them are just friends. She added that they would unlikely become more than that what with the 12-year age gap between them.
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