He previously denied rumours of relationship with the mysterious woman known as “Kaohsiung beauty”, but a photo taken of JJ Lin in Japan with the woman in question seems to send a different message altogether.

As reported on SETN, the singer, who just turned 35 last week, was recently spotted on a vacation in Japan with the Kaohsiung beauty, as they walk hand-in-hand into a store, acting chummy with each other.

JJ was first linked to the Taiwanese lass, who was identified as a staff of a medical aesthetics clinic in Kaohsiung, back in June 2015 when the two of them were photographed having a meal together at a restaurant.
He quickly denied the rumours, and denied it again at his birthday party held last week, saying that the two of them are only friends.
Meanwhile, when asked if the woman seen with JJ in Japan was indeed the same person, his record label Warner Music confirmed it, though they added that the Kaohsiung beauty was just one of JJ’s friends who tagged along on the trip.
The company also declined to make further comments about their relationship.
(Photo source: ettoday.net)