Jet Li is celebrating his 53rd birthday today, 26 April, by opening his own Weixin account, the Chinese version of WeChat.

According to Mingpao News, the martial arts actor, who is currently in Beijing promoting his new movie, stated that it was his birthday wish to finally open the social media account, in hopes of promoting his work in both movies and charity, the One Foundation.

The actor also expressed hope that the new account will help fans to get to know more about the man he is now, as well as the past Jet Li and the future man that he will be.
Meanwhile, Jet stated that he will not be able to celebrate his birthday with wife Nina and daughters this year, what with his busy schedule.
However, the actor stressed that there is no need for them to celebrate his birthday together, as long as the family is able to spend a lot of time with each other on ordinary days.
Asked what his birthday wish is this year, Jet responded, “I hope for more peace in this world and fewer conflicts.”
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