Did Jay Chou hit a fan with his dance prop? According to a Netizen recently, that’s what the singer did, albeit unintentionally.

According to Liberty Times News, the aforementioned fan recently posted a photo of a person with a head injury online, and stated that his friend was hit in the head by the singer’s nunchaku – a traditional martial arts weapon consisting of two sticks connected at one end by a short chain or rope.

The incident allegedly occurred during Jay’s concert in Jingzhou, when the singer threw the nunchaku out to the audience after performing his song of the same name.
The Netizen stated that his friend needed three stitches to close his wound after the weapon hit his head. He also said that the friend has refused to report the incident, saying that Jay is his idol and that the singer didn’t do it intentionally.
However, not everybody is convinced with the story. Upon a minor investigation, it was revealed that no hospitals around the area had received such a case during that time, and that the said Netizen may have faked the news.
Fans of the singer also defended Jay, saying that his dance prop is not an actual weapon and that it would be impossible for it to cause any harm to his fans, according to Yes News. 
A fan stated, “I have thought about this before, but I had seen an interview where Jay revealed that the nunchakus he used in his performance are made of foam sponge, so it should not harm anybody.”
Many believed that the post was just a fan’s attempt to get the singer’s attention.
(Photo source: star.2liang.net)