Jackie Chan has been named one of the 46 ambassadors of Chinese Storytelling by the Chinese government.

As reported on Yibada, the announcement was made at a meeting hosted by the State Council Information Office in Beijing on 8 April.

“As China becomes a big player in the world, from the government leaders to the ordinary people, all tell China’s stories to the world,” said Nobel laureate Mo Yan, who was also among the people handpicked by the state.
As a writer, Mo stated that he shared stories of the Chinese people through his books.
China’s story also comes in the form of sports, according to another ambassador, Yao Ming, who said that his China story is about the tough training he, and other Chinese children, had since childhood.
As for Jackie, the actor is said to tell his China story through kung fu and movies.
“Whenever I work with movie productions from Hollywood and Europe, I invite them to shoot in China, so that they can experience the real China, the real people, the real food, and get to know the country better,” he said. 
(Photo source: toptenz.net)