Former beauty queen Grace Chan has denied recent allegations that she has been very unprofessional about her career ever since she started dating actor Kevin Cheng.

As reported on On CC News, last week, tabloids claimed that the actress has been prioritising her love life rather than her work, with rumours saying that she has been late to work and leaving early, and has started emulating Kevin’s big star persona when dealing with the media.

In one instance, according to the tabloids, Grace could not be contacted by her director after she was nowhere to be seen at her filming location, and only responded when they asked Kevin to call her back. 
However, when asked to address the rumours of tardiness at the promotional event of her new drama “Blue Vein” recently, Grace stated, “I am a very punctual person. You can say that I’m almost never late for events, because that’s a form of respect to the organisers.”
She admitted that the new rumours about her supposed behaviour bothered her since it questions her professionalism as an actress.
Asked whether being Kevin’s girlfriend had made her working life stressful, Grace said, “No, but I don’t want people to attack us because we’re dating. We’re just a normal couple.”
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