It seemed that cancelling his first show is not the only thing that is giving Leon Lai and his record label A Music a headache, as one floral company is set to sue the singer and his label for breaching previous contract.

As reported on Mingpao News, the aforementioned entity, International Flower Company Limited, recently filed claims over RMB2.785 million against A Music after the company decided not to go through with their previous agreement.

The company stated they previously reached an agreement back in February that the floral company will provide flower arrangements for the concert and in turn, A Music will provide stalls for them to sell their products and also place their logo as part of promotions. 
However, the company stated that they received an email on 12 April from A Music, saying that they are cancelling the previous agreement.
The florist director Lin Yun Rui stated that the sudden decision has cost them a lot of money, since the flowers have already been ordered from overseas and cannot be returned. 
Lin also stated that the company has requested a meeting with A Music but has been refused. 
The RMB2.785 million claims will include purchase of flowers, decorative materials, and other expenses, as well further loss of other business revenues.
(Photo source: justmarketingnews.com)