Chinese songstress Faye Wong recently showed her support for daughter, singer-songwriter Leah Dou, by making an appearance at a fan meeting event.

As reported on China Daily, Leah posted a photo of herself with her famous mother online, with a copy of her first English album, “Stone Cafe”, placed front and centre and the words “To Mother Faye” written on top.

Fans at the event stated that Faye was seen helping Leah by handing out the CDs for her daughter to sign at the event.
“Only Tong Tong (Leah) can dig the diva out,” one commenter wrote about the mother-daughter team. 
However, there was no comment from Faye’s side about her appearance at the event.
Leah also shared another photo with half-sister Li Yan, both of them lying in bed with copies of her album spread out in the middle.
She wrote, “Thank you for all your support.”  
Leah’s English debut album, “Stone Cafe”, was released back on 22 April.
(Photo source: facebook.com/leahDouJingTong)