Although it had previously came under fire for supposedly plagiarising Disney/Pixar’s animated hit, “Cars”, it was reported that Chinese animated feature film, “The Autobots”, is set to release its sequel next year.

As reported on ECNS, its creator, Zhuo Jianrong, recently unveiled the sequel project at the 12th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival, saying that the sequel will be presented in 3D and will have a budget of RMB30 million (approx. USD4.63 million).

Zhuo also revealed that he plans to invite popular idol group TFBoys to voice some of the characters.
When asked if he is worried about what the public will say, since the previous animated feature was dubbed a low-grade copycat of the Disney/Pixar animation, Zhuo said that he doesn’t mind other people’s opinion, adding, “It’s not important what others think. It’s important what I think.”
He added that the first instalment has garnered enough profit for investors to finance the second movie.
Zhuo also pleaded for critics to give him more time and support for the sequel, saying that he has learned his mistakes in the past and wants to prove that his team can make a better animated film.
The first film was slammed not only for copying the promotional posters and designs of “Cars”, it was also blasted for using the title “The Autobots”, which was the name of the faction of sentient robots in the fictional universe of “Transformers”, owned by Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy. 
However, Zhuo defended himself, saying that he never even watched the Disney/Pixar movie.