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Malaysian fashion designer, Anuar Faizal has recently become the hot topic of the week thanks to his bizarre design of the baju melayu, a traditional Malay outfit for men.

During the launch of Eid by Anuar Faizal two days ago where he showcased his Aidilfitri clothing collection, several male models were shirtless during the runway walk.

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After uploading the pictures up on his own Instagram, Anuar Faizal has been receiving non-stop complaints from netizens for the shirtless concept.




Soon after that, Anuar explained that his baju melayu design was not meant to be shirtless, but it was merely incomplete.

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His objective for making the models walk shirtless was to put on more focus on the slim-fit pants and instant samping designs.

Some of the things he wanted to highlight were that the pants are also complete with pockets and elastic band at the back of the waist.

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Anuar said that if the models were to wear the pants or kain samping together with the shirt, than the audience wouldn’t be able to see the unique design of the two apparels, Sinar Harian reports.


Though some netizens approved of his points after he made his intentions clear, some still condemned Anuar saying that he shouldn’t reveal the model’s aurat on purpose even if it’s for fashion purposes.


(Photo sources: Anuar Faizal’s Instagram)