After much speculation, Hong Kong singer Denise Ho finally shares her harrowing experience while she was backpacking across Europe.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who previously mentioned that she had to run away from her homestay in Finland in the middle of the night, denied that she was nearly raped as previously reported by tabloids.

In her Facebook post yesterday, the 38-year-old singer said that she booked a room of a house lived by a family of three after reading good reviews about it online.
However, upon arriving at the location, Denise found that the female owner looked tired and there were numerous alcohol bottles and cigarette butts in the house.
Although she was suspicious, Denise said she decided to stay instead.
She met the male owner the next day, who asked for a hug although they only met for the first time. Although she thought it might only have been part of the customs at first, the man hugged her again that night while she was in her towel going down to the sauna.
She said that the man even walked into the sauna room later on and seemed to be aroused.
Denise immediately returned to her room and planned her escape. Upon hearing the owners quarrelling with each other outside the room, the singer took the opportunity to leave the house.
While outside, Denise said she had to walk to the city centre, which was 30 minutes away, while continuously looking back to make sure that she was not followed.
She ended the post by reminding female travellers to be extra careful especially if they are travelling on their own.
Denise also revealed that she has reported the case to the police and that the owners are no longer authorised to rent their place to others.
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