“I Am A Singer 4” hopefuls Coco Lee and Jeff Chang are taking the competition to the next level as it was announced that their upcoming guest singers will travel all the way from the United States. 

As reported on HK01, the official fanpage of the Hunan TV reality show revealed that American singers Ne-Yo and Akon will be appearing on the show as Coco’s and Jeff’s duet partners, respectively.

Guest performers have been an important part of the show since season one, and contestants have been trying to outperform one another and get more votes by picking more seasoned and popular guest stars to perform with them.
For example, in previous seasons, Han Hong invited Hong Kong star Eason Chan to be his guest performer and Tiger Hu brought Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao in.
Aside from Ne-Yo and Akon’s guest performing for Coco and Jeff, Hacken Lee will be singing with George Lam and Sally Yeh, Lala Hsu with JJ Lin, Hwang Yi-cheul with Gummy, Joey Yung with William Chan, and Old Wolf to perform with Wang Feng.
The show will be aired this Friday, 8 April.
(Photo source: hk01.com)