Taiwanese K-pop star Chou Tzuyu was revealed to have passed her scholastic aptitude test.
According to Epoch Times, the TWICE member, who returned to her hometown Tainan mid-March for her exams, reportedly received a commendable result in all five subjects – Chinese, Mathematics, English, Social Science, and Science and Life technology.

Although the actual marks cannot be released to the public by the City Government Department of Education, its rep stated that Tzuyu scored an average 80 points and more in all her subjects, and received almost a full mark in her English.

She was also complimented for her essay, “The Most Memorable Taste”, as she wrote about living in a foreign land and pondering about her hometown and the delicacies back home.
Tzuyu’s transcript has already been sent out to the singer on 30 March. Her rep stated that the 16-year-old will continue her high school studies in South Korea.
Meanwhile, TWICE’s new album is scheduled to come out at the end of next month.
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