In a typical Andy Lau fashion, the actor neither confirmed nor denied reports of his wife’s pregnancy when asked about it recently.

According to Mingpao News, the actor, who attended the Hong Kong Film Awards on 3 April, stated that the truth about whether or not Carol is pregnant will only be announced on his official website.

However, the only thing he wrote was his gratitude to fans and the media for their interest in his family life.
“This evening I was touched. A group of colleagues blessed me with a smile. A group of media blessed me in secret, a world of relatives blessed me as well,” he wrote.
“Thank you for all the blessings. I will always remember how concerned you are about me. [If there is] a dream come true in the future, we must share it,” he added.
Rumours of Carol’s pregnancy made the news last week after she was photographed with what seemed to be a baby bump during a trip to a dried seafood store.
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