Taiwanese actress Alyssa Chia recently stressed that she was not being biased when she decided not to show her eldest daughter’s face in photos she posted online.

As reported on House Fun, the actress explained her situation online recently, following criticisms from Netizens who accused her of favouring younger daughter, Bubu, from her second marriage to actor Xiu Jie-kai.

Netizens observed that Alyssa would often share photos of her younger daughter, but rarely posted any photos with her eldest daughter, ten-year-old Angelina, from her previous marriage to businessman Sun Zhihao.
To this, Alyssa explained that she has to fulfill her side of the divorce agreement with Sun, who didn’t want Angelina to be exposed to the public.
In her Facebook post, Alyssa also admitted that Angelina would sometime ask why her face would be covered up in some of the photos she posted online.
“Whenever I heard that, I would inevitably felt guilty,” she said, adding that she did so for her girl’s own safety.
She also posted a message for Angelina, saying, “I am covering your face because I am afraid of losing time with you. In my eyes, you are irreplaceable. Because of you, Bubu is the world’s happiest little sister.”
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