Rumour has it that last year’s Miss Hong Kong first runner-up Ada Pong has decided not to be a part of the TVB family.

As reported on Apple Daily News, although the beauty queen has signed a contract with TVB upon joining the Miss Hong Kong 2015 alongside all the other pageant hopefuls, she has already finished her obligations with the company back in August 2015.

But unlike winner Louisa Mak, who eventually signed with the company, Ada reportedly has decided not to do so. Sources claimed that the pageant alumna didn’t think she has the right personality for showbiz.
Sources also claimed that Ada has yet to make up her mind about what to do in the future, and that the music major is currently working as a vocal coach for children.
On the other hand, Miss Hong Kong 2015 Louisa Mak has recently signed a four-year contract with the company. Sources alleged that TVB is currently training the Cambridge graduate to become Carol Cheng’s successor as TVB’s favourite TV host.
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