Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok recently revealed that he is recovering from his leg injury at a steady pace thanks to “Cold War 2″ co-star, Chow Yun Fat.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who attended the celebratory event for his movie, “Port of Call”, which bagged the most awards at the Hong Kong Film Awards earlier, stated that Chow has introduced him to a good sports physical therapist.

“The therapist helped me recover rapidly in a painless way. So now, after three months, I think I am 95 percent better,” said Aaron, simultaneously making a few jumps to show the extent of his recovery.
The actor also stated that he will not be having any problem dancing at his upcoming concert in August, although added that he still could not do anything in high speed.
Back in January, the actor had to return to Hong Kong for a treatment, midway through filming in China, after aggravating an old injury. He also had to postpone his concert in Genting back in March so as not to worsen his condition.
(Photo source: facebook.com/aaronkwokfushing)