Malaysian Chinese-singing sensation, Shila Amzah is set to play the lead in her first ever Chinese microfilm titled “Girlfriends Love” (閨蜜情緣) which is set to premiere on 1 April 2016.

In collaboration with Ocean Park Hong Kong, one of the most famous attractions in the country – the movie was shot entirely at the amusement park and also stars Zelia Zhong (钟浠文), Faye Chia (家菲菲) and Lui Hei (呂熙).

With Shila’s huge fanbase in China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, the Hong Kong theme park aims to attract more visitors with the release of the pop star’s first microfilm, Sina reports.

The story will be divided into two parts, following three high school friends; Shila, Faye and Zelia who go on a trip to Ocean Park to bond and have fun.

At the theme park, they meet a handsome tourist guide who guides the girls through the theme park, and later forms a special relationship with Shila.

Even though Shila has been focusing more on her Chinese singing career, acting in a movie where she has to speak in only Mandarin is still a huge challenge for her.