With the word Seoul in the title, there’s no mistaking where the headlining DJs of “Seoul Seduction” are from. DJ Rana and DJ Garenz recently visited Malaysia to spin some music at the PLAY Club, The Roof on 24 February.

The Korean DJs are well-known in the EDM scene as not only have they played at Octagon, one of the top clubs in Gangnam, they have also featured alongside international acts at festivals worldwide.
Though DJ Rana has been to Malaysia before, this marks the first time for DJ Garenz to play in the country. Despite that, DJ P.NUTZ (one half of the DJ Garenz duo) seemed to have already been smitten by the charms of the country as he picked it as his favourite Southeast Asian destination, saying, “I love Malaysia.”
DJ Rana kicked off the party at half past midnight, playing bass pumping tracks that include, none too surprisingly, a song from Korean group Big Bang (one of the biggest groups in Korea and well-known around the world for their upbeat hits) called “Bang Bang Bang”.
DJ Rana going “Bang Bang Bang”.
The DJ got the crowd going with her mix of songs. She would know a thing or two about hyping up the crowd with good songs as she was once part of Korean idol group Nine Muses, hence her comfortable presence on stage.
When asked the reason for her departure from the girl group, during the interview with prior to the show, the DJ, also known as Rana Kim, laughingly admitted, “It’s because I realised that I couldn’t sing. So I decided to find another way of staying in the music industry other than being a singer as that was not working out for me.”
“Luckily, I got into DJ-ing and this is perfect for me, I love music,” she added.
She also revealed that she is still working with her former group members and they are collaborating on future songs. 
Her set at PLAY ended after an hour, giving way to DJ Garenz to take the stage with their hard trap tracks. The more talkative of the duo, P.NUTZ, occasionally pumped up the crowd by interacting with them while Daywalker continued spinning their music.
 DJ Garenz playing their set.
“Individually, we play very different genres,” said P.NUTZ during the interview. “But together, we have the same taste, same style, so it’s easy working with each other.”
Daywalker plays more hip hop when he is doing individual sets while P.NUTZ leans more toward house and hard dance. When performing as a duo, the two concentrate more on trap and hardcore sounds and their expertise in music definitely shows in their song choices and mixes.
Of course, EXO’s (one of SM Entertainment’s headlining acts) and Big Bang’s (YG Entertainment’s biggest act) hits are part of their setlist, remixed with their own trap touch.
When asked whether the competition is fierce between K-Pop and EDM in the Korean music scene, the duo said that the separation is diminishing, what with the use of electronic music in K-Pop songs (Big Bang and EXO songs, for example) nowadays. The trend in a way helps foster a stronger connection between genres, and provide a more wholesome music scene in the country. This also provides a platform for previously underground artistes to surface with their own music style, one that’s not dictated and molded by the management companies. 
A dancer with her laser shades.
DJ Garenz is set to drop their first ever single soon sometime this month and another two in April, and planning to collaborate with K-Pop acts in the future. They are also involved in the preparation for an upcoming club (P.NUTZ used to run Octagon before venturing into DJ-ing).
Meanwhile, DJ Rana is working on her tracks for her future album and also still working on her collaboration with Nine Muses members.
DJ Garenz played for one hour and a half at the PLAY Club before calling it a night and letting the resident DJs take over from them, bringing “Seoul Seduction” to a close at a little before 3am.
(Photo source: PLAY club at The Roof Facebook)