Although Philip Ng was obviously shocked over the news of Linda Chung’s marriage to Vancouver-based chiropractor Jeremy, her other rumoured boyfriend Ruco Chan revealed that the news was no surprise to him. 

As reported on On CC News, the actor, who attended a charity golf tournament in Sheung Hui recently, stated that he already knew that she was married when they performed together at their Valentine’s Day concert in San Jose.

“I saw her ring, so I knew something was going on,” said Ruco.
The actor admitted that he didn’t ask Linda about it at the time, saying it was a private matter after all.
“But I didn’t have to keep the secret for long. The news broke out quite immediately,” he said.
Ruco was romantically linked to Linda after the two of them worked together on TVB drama “Brother’s Keeper” in 2013. They were also seen together on several occasions, although both Ruco and Linda continuously denied it.
Tabloids also speculated that it was Linda’s friendship with Ruco that cost her her long-term relationship with Philip, although it had since been proven wrong. 
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