Actor-producer Nicky Wu recently admitted that his marriage to Cecilia Liu has strengthened his faith in God even more.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actor, who gave his wedding speech during their reception held by the sea in Bali on 20 March, stated that since he was a child, he would always complain to God about things he thought was unfair.

He also stated that his faith wavered a little when his marriage to first wife Ma Yashu only lasted three years.
“I blamed God for not being fair to me, for not being good to me, and for putting me through a lot of suffering and unhappiness. But now I understand why. That’s because God saved the best for me,” said Nicky, as he looked at his bride, Cecilia Liu.
The two of them then hugged each other while the guests applauded them.
He added light-heartedly to his actress wife, “I will listen to you”, and Cecilia responded, “I will give you my shoulder for you to rely on.”
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