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to Misha Omar and Firos Ezzwan Rossly as the singer is expecting her first
child after being married for nearly two years.
The couple had
previously adopted two children, 10-year old Muhammad Adam Emir and 4-year old
Humaira Lateefa before getting blessed with one of their own.
“We are
just over the moon. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. When I found
out that I was pregnant, family members told me to keep mum until the time is
right before making any announcement,” Misha told New Straits Times.
However, the 34-year old chose to keep her pregnancy term a
secret for privacy.
“The only thing I’m keeping to myself for now is how
old the fetus is,” she says. “So far so good. When I told Adam, he
was super excited! He would rub my feet and eager to help me around. I’m just
so blessed!”
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Misha Omar with her husband and two kids.
Misha mentioned at a press conference that she is in great
health but it was her husband who suffered from allergies.
“He is the who has the allergies, apart from growing an appetite;
he is getting more sensitive even for trivial matters.”
Misha Omar
married Firos Rossly on May 2, 2014.
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