Louisa Mak has denied reports that she and her camera crew were kicked out of the University of Cambridge’s Spring Ball recently.

Earlier, it was reported that Louisa, who visited her alma mater for TVB’s travel programme, “Dolce Vita”, was escorted out from the Spring Ball following suspicion that she was an impostor.

It was also alleged that students who attended the event was unhappy that Louisa’s entourage had taken the advantage of having free booze while they were there.
They were reportedly asked to leave after failing to show their press pass.
However, as reported on Mingpao News, Louisa recently stated that no such thing has happened, and that they have already asked for permission.
“A few weeks ago, I communicated our intention to shoot the Spring Ball to the Student Union. I told them that I previously studied at the school and they agreed to give us permission,” said Louisa.
She also stated that they had shot several takes and had even interviewed some of the important figures while at the ball. 
Louisa said that the crew knew that they would affect the event and the guests if they stayed long, so the Student Union called them to the office to discuss how they can do their work effectively.
“We felt that we already have enough content and we didn’t want to bother other people, so we decided to call it a day and leave,” she said.
(Photo source: scmp.com)