Faye Wong’s daughter Leah Dou’s sexuality became the subject of discussion recently after she was spotted holding hands with a female friend, as reported on Mingpao News.

The 19-year-old singer’s love life has always been a mystery prior to the latest report. Leah was never reported to be dating anybody, and her masculine style has sparked Netizens’s suspicion about her sexual preference before.

According to tabloids, the singer was recently seen having dinner with a group of female friends, but it was her closeness to one long-haired woman in particular that attracted the paparazzi’s attention.

The two of them were also photographed holding hands as they crossed Bank Street, sparking speculations that the woman in question may be Leah’s girlfriend.

It was later revealed that the woman is mainland fashion designer Rebecca Tsang, who turns out to be Leah’s own stylist and friend of many years. She has also worked with other celebrities including model-actress Angelababy.

As for rumours of romance between them, Leah’s manager has declined to give any response.