Although a supposed leaked result of the upcoming Hong Kong Film Awards revealed that it was Miriam Yeung who would win Best Actress for her role in “Little Big Master”, another Best Actress hopeful Karena Lam stated that she would just take everything in stride.

According to Oriental Daily, the actress, who is nominated in the category for her role in “Heaven in the Dark”, stated that she pays no attention to rumours about the leaked list of winners, and will only enjoy the moment.

“What is most important is that I was given the opportunity to be in a movie. The promotions and award shows are just a bonus,” she said.
When asked if she is worried that the leaked result would turn out to be true, Karena said that she is no longer afraid of the results.
“I used to be, but now I feel I should not deny my own abilities just because of the lack of an award,” she said.
She also stressed that her co-star Jacky Cheung will always be the Best Actor in her heart, even if he wasn’t the favourite to win one this year, what with the tough competition from Aaron Kwok, who has won Best Actor for “Port of Call” multiple times in various other award shows prior to the event.
(Photo source: orientaldaily.on.cc)