People may remember that last year JJ Lin made headlines after being punched by a man during one of his autograph sessions in Taiwan.

The man in question was later revealed to be underground rapper Chen Yanheng, who later said that he decided to sock JJ in the face because of the singer-songwriter’s flirty behaviour.

“You love to flirt with girls and you love harassing them. I hope this will teach you a lesson,” he wrote on his Facebook.
He also expressed frustration that the Singaporean singer was more celebrated in Taiwan than their local musicians, saying, “Why are you supporting foreign music? My songs are better than his!”
That was back in January 2015, and now Chen, who is in Australia, has another message for the singer on his Facebook after sharing an article about JJ’s appearance at the QQ Music Festival, saying, “JJ, wait for me. I will return to Taiwan to pound you.”
The post was met with both support from his fans and anger from JJ’s followers. The rapper, however, continued to criticise the singer in later posts.
JJ has not made any response to Chen’s threat for the time being.
(Photo source: ettoday.net)