Donnie Yen’s happiness for the immediate success of “Ip Man 3” has been marred with allegations of fraud.

As reported on CRI News, although the movie was revealed to have made RMB400 million after just three days since its premiere in mainland last week, it was reported that part of the movie’s box office success was due to an audacious scheme orchestrated by its mainland distributor, Dayinmu Film.

Sources reported that the distributor has been accused of bulk buying the movie’s discount tickets through various cinema chains across the country. There were also multiple ‘ghost screenings’ scheduled after midnight with high-priced admission.
The issue is currently being investigated by appropriate parties.
This is not the first time such tactics have been used to publicise movies. Earlier, Edko Films admitted to have bought millions of tickets to “Monster Hunt”, enabling it to become the biggest selling movie ever in China.
The record was later broken by Stephen Chow’s “The Mermaid”.