Tavia Yeung and Him Law attracted the most attention as they arrived in Hong Kong from their trip-turned-wedding reception in England recently.

According to HK Channel, the couple, who was spotted at the terminal on 27 March, greeted the press with much delight, as they showed off their wedding bands and talked about their recent secret wedding held back on 22 March.

“We have always wanted to go on a trip with our family. Since we were going to a beautiful place, we thought that we might as well use it to create a perfect memory together,” said Tavia.
The actress admitted that no one was told about their intention to tie the knot in Kent, not even family members who joined them on the trip.
“We just told them we will be going on a big trip and that they can join us if they want to. In the end, even some of Him’s relatives weren’t there,” said Tavia.
They added that there were fewer than 20 people during their wedding ceremony.
As to why they decided to marry at the Leeds Castle in Kent, Him stated that it was his idea, and that he wanted to treat Tavia like a princess for a day.
The couple also stressed that they never wanted to keep the marriage a secret for long, and had planned to announce the news as soon as they return from their trip. However, the news was leaked before they were able to control it.
As for a wedding banquet, Tavia stated that it will be held sometime this year, although they have yet to confirm all the details.
(Photo source: ihktv.com)