Martial arts actor Donnie Yen has revealed that he will now manage his sister Chris Yen’s career.
As reported on HK Channel, the actor, who was with his sister at the BMW Hong Kong Derby event, stated that the reason he is bringing her back to showbiz was because it was difficult to find a legitimate martial arts actress in Hong Kong.

“She will sign with my company and I will see what movie suits her. I am not doing this particularly because she is my sister. But of course, she has already surpassed many people in the martial arts genre,” he said.

Chris has worked in many movies in supporting roles, these includes “Black Rose Academy” (2004), and “Give ’em Hell, Malone” (2009).
Just like her brother, the actress also learned martial arts since she was little, and is an expert at using swords and other weapons.
She has also won numerous Tai Chi and Wushu tournaments.
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