“Ip Man 3” mainland distributor Dayinmu (also known as Beijing Max Screen) has its distribution license recently suspended for committing fraud. 

As reported on CRI News, the company recently admitted to allegations that it had succumbed to illegal practice of buying its own tickets in bulk and faking sold-out screenings at impossible screening hours.

The State Administration of Press Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) stated that Dayinmu was revealed to have bought RMB56 million worth of tickets itself and fabricated more than 7,600 screenings of the film which they claimed to have generated RMB32 million in sales.
Dayinmu’s license will be suspended for a month, while three e-ticketing groups have been warned for their involvement in the fraud.
SAPPRFT also revealed that it has warned 73 cinemas involved in the case, which shall be revealed on the website of the China Association of Film Distributors and Cinemas.
Dayinmu has also admitted to the wrongdoing and stated that it fully accepted the punishment.
Meanwhile, “Ip Man 3” producer, Pegasus Motion Pictures, denied having anything to do with the fraud in a previous interview, with its owner Raymond Wong stating that the company is not involved in the distribution of the movie outside of Hong Kong.