Tang Anqi, a member of the Chinese idol group SNH48, is in critical condition after she had caught on fire in a coffee shop near Baoshan Wanda Plaza back on Monday.

According to CRI News, the district police revealed that Tang was having a dispute with her female friend when she accidentally ignited her clothes with a lighter.

A witness at the coffee shop saw the woman struggling while her body was on fire, before a shop worker put it out and Tang was sent to the hospital.

However, nobody knew what actually happened since everybody was on the first floor except Tang and the friend.

It was also a mystery how the lighter came into the picture, since both the women were non-smokers and did not order anything that was in need of a lighter.

SNH48’s manager has called for blood donations, saying that Tang would need a large amount of blood transfusion.

She is currently being treated at the Changhai Hospital in Shanghai.

SNH48 is the sister group of the popular Japanese idol group, AKB48.

(Photo Source: www. AsianJunkie.com)