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During awards season, the red carpet event is always the most exciting part for many. Why? Cause this is the ‘place of birth’ for fashion trends, fashion no-no’s and also outrageous and shocking outfits!

Plunging necklines, thigh high slits or sheer and see-through dresses, every year we see some daring celebrities bringing something new to the carpet as they try to outdo each other!

Because flashing your flesh on the red carpet is now a trend for many celebs – especially the females – what better way to stand out over the rest than showing your junk to the world!

Despite wearing racy and naughty outfits for the sake of fashion, some of these celebrities certainly know how to make an entrance. Though with how they end up looking at the end, makes you wonder why some of them even bothered to wear anything at all.

Nevertheless, here are some famous celebrities wearing some of the most revealing and shocking red carpet dresses in history!

What do think of these looks and which is your favourite?

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In 2000, Kelly Brook made ‘cheeky’ headlines with this pink dress that almost reveals her upper and lower assets.
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Woah! Beyonce’ flashes most of herself to the crowd, but covers the essential parts of her body with glitzy diamonds.
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“Charmed” actress Rose McGowan is basically naked wearing a “dress” made of mesh and chain which has inspired many other nearly naked dresses! FYI, her front is completely see-through!
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Micaela Schaefer’s dress looks like something we could use to make pom-poms!
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While most female celebs wears plunging necklines to bare their chests, drag queen Violet Chachki decides to bare her booty instead – because there is nothing to show in the front?!
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gigi 2
Model Gigi Hadid’s black Atelier Versace dress is the perfect definition of “sexy with style”.
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jennifer lopez vogue 8apr15
The highly popular green Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez in 2000 was the reason why Google Images search was created.
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No panties and no bra! But it’s OK cause Toni Braxton’s white dress makes her look like a Greek goddess.
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miley cyrus naked dress versace mtv vmas 2015 h724
Oh dear! Former Disney star Miley Cyrus certainly startled everyone with her futuristic silver outfit which barely covers her private parts, but it does fits her current whacko style.
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MTV Video Music Awards
Nicki Minaj has plenty of crazy outfits and dresses, but she definitely slayed at the MTV VMAs last year with her gold and sheer gown which shows of all of her curves and assets!
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The name Bleona Qereti may not ring a bell to many, but her appearance at the American Music Awards in 2014 had put her on the front page as she was wearing something that reminds us of Rose McGowan’s dress at the 1998 VMAs. But hey, at least she covers her nips! Sort of.
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rita ora mtv vmas 2014 red carpet 1408929988
Rita Ora’s look at 2014 MTV Awards kind of gives off that Marilyn Monroe feels, and she looks really sexy and elegant in it!
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Rihanna is no stranger to showing off her nips, but her look at the CFDA Fashion Awards left a huge impression to the world.
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Russian model Irina Shayk wears a glamorous Atelier Versace gown that reveals only one side of her naughty bits.
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Amber Rose’s bejeweled dress also payed homage to Rose McGowan iconic 1998 VMAs outfit, but she does cover up more than McGowan, especially her backside.
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