Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng, who welcomed the birth of their daughter in December 2015, recently shared several photos celebrating their baby girl’s one-month birthday.

According to Oriental Daily, on 27 January, the actress, who is still keeping her baby’s face hidden from camera, posted photos of her long legs, saying, “Hello, mummy and daddy’s friends. I am little Xing Xing. I am one month old today. I have been playing all afternoon, so I am going to take a nap now.”

The couple has never revealed the name chosen for their little girl previously, but the post revealed that Xing Xing is the nickname they both gave to the baby.
Zhang and Wang also shared a photo of the baby’s birthday cake with the words “I’m 1 Month Old” written across the pink square cake with decorations that include a pair of shoes, baby cloth and milk bottle made of cookies.  
The actress, who was rumoured to be pregnant last year, had not made any clarifications about her condition, and only announced the baby’s arrival on 28 December last year. 
(Photo source: hk.apple.nextmedia.com)